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The haven for Jack/Tony on LJ
This is the haven for Jack/Tony. Everything related to Jack, Tony and the actors who play them is welcome: fic, art, video, episode discussions, requests, general squee - post your heart out.

The rules:

- It has to be related to Jack and/or Tony or the actors.
- Slash is most welcome, gen is fine too, but check out the other comms for het.
- please flock RPS fic/art!
- NC-17 art goes under a cut with warning
- Fic goes under a cut with the following information: Title, Author, Rating, (Length,) Pairing, Warnings, Summary, Disclaimer
- Spoilers for recent episodes - Season 7, everything other than "Tony's back!" - go under a cut. It helps if you mention which episode you're spoiling for.
- No flaming, no trolling, no plagiarizing. We're here for the love!


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